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We have years of experience
and we grow further everyday

At Meta IT, we develop custom applications and software based on your needs. For example, we can create a comprehensive internal system for an entire company, a custom application or a price calculator – all in any segment.

Our professional agility

You can rely on quality work at the specified time and in the contracted range.

Reach for the new level

We support business solutions that eliminate bureaucracy, streamline your work and bring you closer to your customers.

Achieve your goals with IT

We are Meta IT. Our solution gives you what you want and especially what your business needs.

We will design the ideal solution for you

Customised digital transformation solutions for you from design to delivery. Based precisely on your needs.

Dozens of satisfied clients work with us

Many companies place their confidence in us to help them improve their business.

We always deliver quality work within
specified time and price

You always have your project
under control with us.


We analyse your business needs to identify key opportunities for improvement.


We will prepare a proposal for effective solutions divided into individual stages.

Our professional

We develop a complete solution, from design to implementation and fine-tuning.


Together we test the system functionality, validate the assignment and modify it to your needs.

and follow-up

We provide support for the application, reporting, optimisation and any further development as required.