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SEVT is popular among Czech and Slovak customers thanks to its line of business and 65-year tradition. The company specialises in office and school supplies, sells specialised literature and distributes bulletins and newsletters for government agencies, authorities and institutions. In addition, SEVT is also involved in the creation and distribution of economic and official printed matter and publishing.


The Sevt e-shop offers over 35,000 products. More than 40 employees manage its operation and have more than 1200 dispensing points throughout the country. Orders are dispatched immediately and are delivered the next day after ordering. Orders are especially heavy at the beginning of the school year and sometimes not all orders have been processed by the end of the day.


The client wished to rectify the critical warehouse situation at the time of the highest number of orders. To reduce the queue of pending orders so there would be no need to refuse new orders. The goal was to manage everything before the beginning of the next school year and improve the quality of the services provided.


Analysis of problem and new system design

The process of sending orders was bottlenecked in the warehouse. The warehouse space was analysed, including the layout of the warehouse and the possibility of its reconstruction.


The application is linked to orders and the current status is displayed on the screens in the warehouse. The system we used allows a theoretically unlimited number of connected devices, thus not restricting the client in any way.

Testing & Deployment

The system was implemented in the customer’s infrastructure, connected to orders and put into test operation.


The company successfully reorganised the warehouse space by the set deadline. Warehouse goods were distributed and labelled in a new way, and processes were introduced for stocking and picking items.

The speed of order processing increased significantly and the company was able to handle 20% more orders. The lower handling error rate resulted in a decrease in customer complaints by up to 40%.

An important motivational element for the warehouse workers was a simple software tool from our workshop which shows for each employee the number of orders processed and the remaining volume to be handled. This feature greatly encourages employees to work while providing a quality overview for the warehouse management.

Icon sevt_vice_zakazek

20 %

increasing orders
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by 40 %

reduction of claims
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1200 dispensing points

are connected to the system