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UniCredit Fleet Management s.r.o. is one of the largest leasing companies on the Czech market. The company offers a wide range of financial products, including the operating leasing of passenger cars and utility vehicles.

Initial condition

The process of calculating operating lease payments used to be complicated and time-consuming. The potential client used to wait up to three days to learn the amount of the repayment. The lengthy calculation procedures also led to the company’s loss of its top position with certain key partners. From a business point of view, this is an essential process that deserves optimisation.


We were contacted for project implementation by AXIOM PROVIS INT. s.r.o., the provider of core solutions for UniCredit Fleet Management s.r.o. Our assignment was to create an operating leasing calculator for car dealers. The solution was conceived as a web-based application that enables a comprehensive offer to be built in just minutes.

The aim of the solution was to accelerate the calculation process and increase the attractiveness of the services offered and the success of sales.


Architectural and UX design

The first step was to design the application architecture. However, in order for the calculator to be successful, it was necessary to identify its end users. Workshops were held with dealers and the design was optimised for responsive use.

Agile development

Active cooperation and development began shortly after our first meeting. The assignment was gradually completed and elaborated. The customer had the opportunity to comment continuously on the emerging solution.

Testing, debugging and change requests

After six months of development, the product was delivered as a functional unit for user testing. The calculator went through a variety of testing scenarios and the last hitches in the application were detected and fixed.

Deployment in test operation

After the testing phase, the solution was successfully presented to the first dealer and gradually put into test operation.


UniCredit Fleet Management s.r.o. acquired an application that makes operating leasing services more accessible to dealers and therefore to the end customer. The salesperson’s work is more efficient and pleasant, as they can make the calculation of the offer directly with the client. The calculation process has been dramatically streamlined. Thanks to our solution, the time for the calculation to reach the customer has been reduced from the original three days to just five minutes. A swift response for the customer increases competitive advantages and positively supports sales results.

The Meta IT solution has been implemented at 244 branches and can be used throughout the country without any restrictions. In a relatively short time, we produced a fundamental change that strengthened the effective functioning of the company.

The calculator represents a successful path to the agile development of new applications created independently of the existing system, while simultaneously interacting and creating a complex ecosystem.

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from 3 days to 5 min.

acceleration of calculation time
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244 dealerships

at which the calculator will be deployed

Client reference

David Pecivál

Chief operating officer of AXIOM PROVIS INT., S.R.O.
„The aim of the implementation project was to implement and launch a web application for an operating lease calculator for UniCredit Fleet Management s.r.o. Thanks to its references and high-quality work, we asked Meta IT to work with us in developing a solution. It met our expectations and, thanks to the very good cooperation, the project was a success.

We plan to continue working with Meta IT to develop calculator solutions for other areas of financial services.“