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Falta has been providing rehabilitation care in the Hradec Králové Region for 27 years. It currently has 10 branches and is expanding further. The company employs over 90 people and its operating system at this capacity required a move to the next level.


Because the company lacked a sophisticated information system, it shared information in various ways and through different channels. This resulted in frequent errors and ultimately to uncertainty in management. Managers would spend more than 50 hours searching for information. There was a need to organise an employee agenda with specialised requirements.


The client had already made several unsuccessful attempts to develop software for introducing a system in the organisation. The final solution was created as a user-friendly web application for management. It was important for the client that the development was agile and that the added value for Falta could be seen right from the start.


Process analysis at the company and system design

A need to expand the basic specification and create detailed documentation at the beginning of development.

Defending before the company’s Falta commission

The design of the solution was completed in cooperation with members of the company team. The project was then defended in front of the company board and the development was given the green light.

Development of first phase

We managed the development in just three months. After the completion of each unit, the client was given a new version that they could comment on; subsequent modifications were then made.

Gradual optimization and further phases

In the transition from testing to operation, several points for improvement were identified and incorporated. Following the success of the first stage, the project continued with the specification of the second stage and further development.


Work began to digitise the company’s entire agenda, leading to an acceleration of internal processes. Misunderstandings caused by incomplete information, overlooked mail or forgotten filing have become a thing of the past.

Thanks to the system, it is possible to prevent risky situations, e.g. with expired security revisions, and the awareness of employees has also increased.

Information can be accessed online without restrictions. Overall, the implementation of the system has been evaluated positively by employees as a step forward.

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12 branches

under a single system
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acceleration of internal processes

through the digitization of documentation


Ján Falta

son of FALTA s.r.o. owner
“After two unsuccessful attempts at other IT companies, I came to META IT with our planned project. It was a case of third time lucky and I managed to choose a company that is very well organised and staffed and, above all, willing to meet customer requirements.
I am satisfied with the project in every aspect; the communication with the project manager, as well as the occasional review of the project by the company director, is at a very high level, which is something I certainly could not say about past experiences. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to launch a project of their own and wants someone to tailor the system exactly to their needs.”